Day 93-97 – New Look, New Year, New Drywall

After some time off and time to save up over the Christmas break, we’re back to re-using our materials that we had delivered last year. We initially put up drywall in our upstairs and downstairs exterior walls to meet building code requirements (since we live here and don’t want to die in a preventable house fire) and to be eligible for the ecoAudit grant audit. Unfortunately, doing it so quickly meant we got exactly what we put into it: a rushed mess.

The other issue is that we did not “clean up” the walls before we put up the drywall on the walls – we were actually focused on the ceilings and did the walls as an aferthought. The drywall on the walls was hung vertically (for speed in many cases), we missed installing sound insulation behind the drywall, and just used regular drywall for cheapness and efficiency instead. We are actually preferring to use QuietRock in areas where we are expecting exterior traffic noise, and all interior walls (to cut sound transmission across the house, particularly surrounding the bedrooms and bathrooms). So we put up some Roxul Safe’n’Sound first, to protect our bedroom walls, and actually help protect the foyer plaster too:

We have a slight issue with HVAC that we need to tackle, but our friend the Internet comes to our rescue once again. We are planning to re-use all the old cast-iron registers as cold-air return grates, and the plan is that it would pull air from the bedroom here:

… and here (which is opposite to it inside the wall):

Does anybody know how we can create an HVAC piece to do that? ‘Cause we sure as heck don’t. My arts and crafts skills with sheet metal are limited, at best. I can use silver tape though!

Okay so where does this piece come from then? Easy. This custom order sheet (Item #7 – “3-Way”), from a local residential HVAC parts manufacturer Don Park. We should really get on ordering that piece though, so we can finish our wall…

We used Acoustic Seal around the pieces that touched the attic roof – technically, we are supposed to use it around the edges of every sheet, but we deemed it unnecessary in the bedroom (particularly after we found out how messy it really was).

We also had a heck of a time cutting the drywall itself, since it’s double-paper in the middle and doesn’t just ‘snap’ like you expect it to. Enter the Dremel Drywall attachment tool:

We got to the point where the next sheet would cover the pocket door, but we realized our current drywall screws were too long. We finished off the week with a trip to Home Depot to get shorter screws in order to not scratch the face of our pocket door!


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– Jeff

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