Day 92 – …50% Complete…

We continued on our pocket door adventures with the installation of the front bedroom’s closet pocket door. We basically took the existing framework of studs in the front bedroom:

and did what we did with the first pocket door to frame it into place:

We also secured some of the foyer’s lath and plaster with a 2×4 and glued it into place (see to the right of the door in the above picture). Our apologies to whoever is keen enough to take out the foyer’s plaster walls at a future date by making your life difficult, but our goal was to preserve the plaster for right now. This also gave us more stability with the plaster while working with the closet door.

Jenn used our new belt sander to sand down the pine floor (that we’ll be restoring later – it’s covered with cardboard and a sheet, for now) around the door area:

The other side we will get to later…

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– Jeff


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