Day 90-91 – Pocket doors: Loading… 25% Complete…

We finished up back in September by installing a critical item needed to visualize the rest of the en-suite bathroom: a pocket door kit that we had purchased. This is considered a “wall” to us, so it is important to have it installed going forward.

For those who don’t know or haven’t seen them before, a pocket door is basically a “Star Trek” door that rolls back into the wall (unfortunately, no computer-voice activation or automatic rolling action for us, but maybe the next people that redo the house can put those in…):

Since we’re conservative about space and enjoy the look of the doors, we’re installing these doors upstairs in all three bedroom closets (on 28″ doors) and at the entrance of the master bedroom en-suite (a 30″ door) – our first project. We started by filling the hole in the floor of the door with plywood (the “L” piece in the upper-right of the picture):

We then built the header (twice…. because we relied too heavily on the manufacturer’s directions and not so much on our measuring tapes – lesson learned!)

Next step was to take our pocket-door kit:

and fit it in the frame… no problem!

We will have to eventually consider how we’re going to re-finish the floor, but thankfully all of this will be under a door:

There was also a new tool purchase, when the sale came around…

Next up – some more time passes by, and… another pocket door!

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– Jeff

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