Day 87-89 – The Second Level of Subfloor: Plywood

To finish putting down the bathroom floor, we needed to carefully cut out sections of the floorboard that weren’t being entirely pulled out. This was difficult due to the thickness of floor and the area of where the cuts needed to be made. We carefully cut burnt out the wood using a Dremel tool in the tighter areas:

We then finished putting down the OSB:

then started putting down the second layer of plywood, offsetting our sheet seams:

Before putting down the plywood, we started with a heavy layer of PL Premium:

Then finished by screwing each sheet in a diamond pattern, using short 8×2½” floor screws to secure the layers together (to avoid going too far into the joists in any areas that we accidentally hit them from above, and not to interfere with insulating the ceiling below):

Next up: Pocket Doors!

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– Jeff

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