Day 80-82 – Been there, seen that, got the gross T-shirt that resulted from the mess

More of the same old demolition routine took up our adventures during the past May long weekend: find areas of old lath and plaster in the kitchen that are no longer required and smash them out. After venting frustrations from prying on the lath for a while, pick up the pieces from the desctruction and cart all of it out into the bin sitting at the back of the house (which is now bin #11!). We must say, Rubbermaid gets full kudos for building the strongest “smashy-bins” we have ever seen — we’re still working with the original bins to cart the heavy materials, even after all of these rooms.

Jenn worked dilligently on delicately prying the old mouldings around the doors and windows with her magic:

Of course, it wouldn’t be demolition day if we didn’t find a mouse nest in the ceiling:

Complete with T-Shirt covering… mmmmmm, yeah. You can see, if you look closely.

The most interesting find in the kitchen was an odd indentation in the ceiling, closer to the basement stairs. After looking at it for a while, you can tell that it was once a dividing wall. Once you compare the dividing wall area to the holes in the kitchen floor and the placement of the drainage pipes in the basement, it becomes pretty clear that there used to be a bathroom that sat in the back corner of the house in front of the stairs to the basement. This seems to justify the existence of the massive drain pipe that used to run through our basement.

Woo! Kitchen-smash! Arrrgggghhhh!

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– Jeff

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