Day 76-79 – At this point, the ‘kitchen’ is wherever we put the microwave

We continued on with the kitchen demolition to complete bin #10. This was a slightly different exercise in the kitchen due to the original (!) wainscoting that we had to remove in areas where cabinetry is planned, or was situated on an outside wall where spray foam is planned. We managed to save one small interior area of the wainscoting where cabinets aren’t being placed, so that will be an architectural “feature”/”selling point” of the kitchen going forward, which we’re happy with.

The large cupboard that had been built in along the back wall (from 2″x4″s) was rather unforgiving in its design. To get it out, it was essentially a “reciprocating saw and prybar” job, where the shelves had to be cut out from the inside before any leverage could be applied to the sides of the shelves.

It eventually came out though:

At this point, we finally had a vantage point into the kitchen ceiling. We knew the roof was the same “strapping” design as the upstairs bedrooms, over the lath and plaster but hadn’t had a chance to inspect the plaster underneath the drywall. It was pretty bad, in a lot of areas – one would think “moisture damaged” to get plaster into that state.

We also opened up the old chimney hole for the kitchen fireplace/stove, to see if we could spot our mousey friends we occasionally hear. No luck: just material that originally fell from the attic (either from our cleaning, or just generally from over time).

The original kitchen wallpaper is interesting – lilypads:

Quick, someone – what’s 67 + 7= ? Too bad they didn’t have pocket calculators back in 1903!

When the sprayfoam went in the lower floor, it went through one the cracks and hit the next stud over with some pretty good force:

One last thing I found while hacking out part of the plaster wall – a nice exposed 14/2 line on the surface:

Is that live? Let’s see…

Hmmm, metal prybar, live wire… what could possibly go wrong?

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– Jeff

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