Day 74-75 – “Drain, drain, go away, come again another day…”

With Bin #10 sitting in the driveway, it was time to continue dismantling the kitchen (in order to spray foam the exterior walls and install proper studding where necessary). Before we could work on dismantling the actual cabinets and walls though, we first had to shut off the water to the whole sink area. This may have been a distressing move for us (considering we’re running low on actively-plumbed sinks in our house), had we not already installed another sink closer to the ‘temporary shower’ that we now use daily. Cutting through water pipes is always fun:

After capping off the copper pipes, we found that part of the copper pipe had been resting on the aluminum HVAC ducts:

… which is bad, because over time copper corrodes against aluminum, especially with condensation present. Good thing it was “just” water running through there…

After taking out the fresh water supplies, we were left with a giant waste pipe running through the basement:

which was originally installed because someone had previously used part of the kitchen as a bathroom, and needed that size of pipe to run… uhhh… waste… back to the main stack. As it turns out, we only need a 1.5″ drain pipe from the kitchen for our future drainage plans – which is a lot less material to worry about, and certainly doesn’t have to be run where the original was. In case you’re ever wondering what “many years” does to the inside of a copper kitchen/bathroom drain, here you go:

Next up was getting rid of the old dishwasher. While still minimally functioning, it no longer cleaned the dishes very well and actually was less effective than our slightly newer portable dishwasher. As you can see, it was originally installed professionally by a qualified electrician ‘back in the day’:

Really, our constant gripe with the dishwasher was that the manufacturer ‘marketed’ that it certainly would never, ever make horrible noises while in operation, because, look! The product name is literally “Whisper Wash” (… ha!)

With the water cut off and the old dishwasher out of the way, it was finally time to move on to the usual breaking and smashing of lath, plaster, drywall, cabinets and anything else that got in our way. We started with the sink area – our kitchen counter was actually a piece of plywood that someone had attached butcher-block wood to. Then to make a ‘cutting board’, they decided to make a tiled area in the center:

Mmmm… yummy! What a great idea! This thoroughly porous grout line certainly makes me want to chop my raw meats and vegetables on there… (blech!)


Our only problem left was what to do when we don’t have kitchen cabinets to store items in anymore. A simple solution to the problem: buy an organizer from Home Depot, drop it down ‘somewhere’, and just put everything on it:


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– Jeff

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