Day 71 – Foyer = Shipping Dock?

In the months between updates, we have been generating materials for the next few projects. As we find things go on sale at our local hardware suppliers, or if there’s a problem of: “well, if we only knew the dimensions of x, we could decide more about the current problem of y,” we are buying parts and supplies and having them delivered to our house. We had a pallet of QuietRock drywall delivered (once we had figured out which hardware store to find it at – visit in-store though!) which will be installed anywhere where blueboard isn’t required on interior walls. It will also be the drywall for the front room space.

We also picked up our shower insert for the upstairs bathroom, and vanity (very nice looking, aren’t they?):

We have a number of tiling projects upcoming (powder room / probably foyer, upstairs bathroom, en suite, kitchen) so we picked up a wet tile saw (or a “WSUV – Wet Saw Utility Vehicle”??):

And in an attempt to fill up bin #9, the remainder of the lath and plaster was taken out from the bathroom:

While Jenn did and excellent job of sorting out the front bedroom:

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– Jeff

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