Day 65-67 – ecoAudited!

So, at last update, we were gearing up for our ecoEnergy Audit. When our audit day came along, the inspector could not continue with the audit due to concerns about the finished nature of the building envelope for the air sealing test. Bummer.

In order for them to come back, they had asked us to ensure the exterior walls were covered with drywall and told us that we needed to apply for an extension (yes, apparently you can do that). We were extended out to March of 2011, when the federal program ends.

So, given that information, we had to quickly put some drywall on the walls, long ahead of schedule. This means that there is a high chance that not all of the installed drywall will be used in the finished product, so we weren’t concerned too much about photo evidence. We skipped all of the ceilings downstairs and put up drywall in the fastest manner possible:

Upstairs, it was more of the same – the upstairs drywall has a much better chance of staying up, although we already know of some areas that need to be re-covered (cementboard behind tiled areas for instance).

We had to foam in the area beside the bathtub we “forgot” about all those months ago when they came through to sprayfoam:

On our follow-up ecoEnergy audit, we were happy to see the return of our original inspector (fate?) from the initial audit, which made the audit much smoother. The exciting part of the audit is the air sealing test where they suck air from your house and see at what rate that happens to see how well it’s sealed.

Our thanks to WRGS / REEP for their auditing services! We’re now waiting for the rebate cheques to arrive in the mail!

At 6:00 a.m. a week later, our bin supplier wanted bin #8 back. Here’s him making off with it, thus halting construction for now… it was mostly full, I guess.

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– Jeff

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