Day 52-54 – Mrgh. It’s dark out.

The past few months have had some trials and tribulations – we’ve gotten some work done, although it’s probably not as much as we would have liked. A conspiracy of sickness, social events, time changes, exhaustion, financing and a few other factors have mostly influenced our progress. Some notables of the past month and a bit:

Jenn has worked really hard at pulling out the last bit of upstairs bathroom and associated lath and plaster. I just cut off the water to the upstairs today, so we can finally gut the bathroom. I’ve already pulled out the piping from the powder room downstairs:

I’ve been slowly crawling around on my stomach into the very tiny spaces in between the sheeting on the roof and the joists in the attic where a bunch of tar, shingle debris, roofing nails, grass, straw and who knows what else had fallen into. Obviously, we do not want all of that spray-foamed in place.

This has been a ridiculously tedious job – I wish I had done this before we put in the upstairs ceilings. Oh well.

I also put up two of the attic baffles – hooray for attic ventilation!

I still have to finish the wiring of the fans (now that Jenn and I think we know where we want the light switches) and clean up of the attic. Jenn and I are off tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes…

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– Jeff

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